The Lost Boy

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By Jimmy
Backpack Boy in Water

Here I am lost in the world again, wondering if I will be free for a little while or free forever. This is a dark and lonely time for me. I lost my grandpa a week ago the most important thing to me. I would wish for him back, but don’t want him to suffer anymore. I would wish for my life to get back on track and be better forever so I hear about this magical river that if you wash your face you get one wish, so I pack my stuff and head out. I start walking and walking, until I can’t walk no more. I take a break and eat a snack. I take a nap, during my nap I have a dream that I made it to the river, and I remembered my mama has cancer, so I think to myself, should I make my wish for me to be happy or for my mama to be cancer-free and I awake and walk till I reach the magical river. I walk in the river, and I put my hands in it, then I raise my hands to my face and wash my face. I wish for my mama to be cancer-free because I can live unhappy, but I can’t live without my mama. She is the only thing I have left in the world. I love you mama.


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By: Chelsey

Girl Facing Herself

I look into the mirror
I see a girl who has problems
deep down that no one knows about.
A girl that everyone tries to tell that she is beautiful
In her eyes she is not beautiful
No one knows what goes on
in her messed up little life.
No one asks no one cares
But my mom is on the inside
she knows what is going on
She cares she asks, she wonders
Because she loves me
When other people look at me
it’s as if they are looking at me.
From the outside looking in.


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By: Alexis

Life hurts.eye tear blood

You just have to live it.

Everyone deserves one,

Don’t you forget it.

You have a chance to live your life to the fullest,

Don’t ruin it.

Self and Perception

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By Emmett

imageSelf….the first thing that comes to mind is perception. It’s my favorite word; it means the way we look at the world around us. I view perception as a tree of many different fruit and most people take one fruit, eat it and are finished but I try to make it a point to take at least one bite of every fruit on the tree of perception, I like to think of my self as an explorer of the mind, I try to be any way and I think everyone should try to do the same.

Today By Katie

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Today I did these things:



Began to cry.

Forced myself not to cry.


Wished that I could be my plane without being glared at as if there was more to me “than meets the eye.”

I actually can’t stop smiling.

I wish I could stop.

But I keep laughing and I hate it.

I want to be an airplane. Crash into the floor.

Hm, I’m not pretty, and don’t you dare tell me I am.



Carnival Orphan

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By Taylor

imageThe flyer stood out to me that one gloomy morning. The carnival seemed like a perfect escape. I set out to find my fantasy. Leaving behind everything, I was glad to get away from my mother. She thinks she knows what’s best. She thinks she knows it all. I know she is wrong.

Standing outside the carnival gates, I felt happy. Hopeful and determined, I marched through the gate, focused on making my life easier. I didn’t have any talents, nothing that made me unique from another. Because of that, I didn’t exactly fit in. Carnivals are supposed to be for misfits though, right?

I wanted to help others so that’s what I did. Fortuneteller became my new name. It was a breeze

at first, just looking into a foggy ball and saying something random. Sullen and depressed, I felt like I wasn’t helping anything. That was, until I met him. He was special, different.

Looking into his beautiful brown eyes, I fell in love. He asked me my name and I did the same. Zach, it was. He stayed at the carnival with me for a month. I knew I was the only reason he was there. Lying in his arms, I felt safe, secure.

I didn’t miss my mother. Zach took the pain of her away. The days counted away and July 31 edged closer. Little did I know that what I expected was not as bad as what actually happened. She found me. I no longer lived in paradise. My fantasy storybook was ripped as my mother once again tore my heart out. Heading home, she dragged me; I pleaded to stay.

The one thing I cared about more than anything else was taken away from me. He was my outlet and I love him.

Cover and Back Cover of Issue 145

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Cover Issue 145

Back Cover of Issue 145

The Queen And Her Bee

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By Jordan

Bee Queen Fiary"Out! Out!" the queen yelled, "Get out!" The queen had yet to know what to do anymore. After all the souls had left her quarters, she took a long bubble bath. Taking care of the underworld, while her husband went around making havoc all over the world, was just too much at times.

The queen was a slight woman, extremely beautiful, I might add. She had long silver hair, and bright fiery red eyes. She had a pet, a rather odd pet for the Queen of the Underworld but she had a abnormally large bee as her pet. The bee was just as magnificent as the queen herself, I mean why not if your going to be magnificent, why not own the things that are the best of the best. The bee was silver and white with bright red eyes also.

“My beautiful pet what shall we do?” She asked the bee as it buzzed beside her, and as she pet it, enjoying her bubble bath at the same time.

“What?!?! Your going on a what?! A vacation? Alone? At least take some of the soul guards with you for protection!” Hades, the queen’s husband, exclaimed.

“No! I won’t have them following me around like a bunch of soul dogs trying to get my attention! I refuse! I am going to the other side of the underworld and I am going to stroll around in the dead flowers and gravestones as I please!” The queen knew that she had her husband now whenever she used that tone of voice there was no arguing with his dear wife.

She grinned.

“And I shall have my bee with me too.”

She strutted away grinning to herself leaving her husband with his mouth standing wide open.

She arrived at the graveyard later on that evening. She sighed and lay her things down on the soft grass.

“Oh the lovely dead,” she thought to herself. “There is nothing more peaceful is there?” she asked to her bee that buzzed gleefully in reply.

She danced around beautifully in her gown in the moonlight around the graves and tombstones and giggled and laughed the whole time! The bee rolled in the grass buzzing happily. The Queen of the Underworld summoned souls from the ground as young girls in gowns and young men in tuxes came up from their graves. She danced with everyone–male and female, having herself the time of her life. She twirled around and closed her eyes, imagining, oh what a life.

Issue 143 and Issue 144 Cover Art

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