Time’s Up

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Uncategorized
dead-tree_thumb.jpgMine was quick & shocking. How nothing and everything seemed to converge into oblivion.  How can you tell what’s real and what’s a dream?
The little things that you think don’t matter will start to add up and you end up standing upside down, thinking back 24 hours or so, “How did I get here?” All of it from the miniscule secrets kept
I was once a child.  I was slightly normal.  Never once back then, would I think I would’ve ended up how I am. I think in another life I went back and told myself some words of advice.
We all have something in common: the drowning mistress, the cat in the hallway, my aunt, the train I missed, the wall that wasn’t ever finished & the girl on the swing.  We all have nine lives and are all half dead.  We’ve all somehow survived this far.  We’re all crooked trees with similar stories & different lives, just waiting to start.
Slow and steady, because at any minute, we could all fall, like dominos. We’re all addicted to a certain kind of Nirvana, which most only see in a very deep sleep or when their nine lives have ran out.
Time’s up.

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