Angel of Birds by Brianna

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

angel birds

I’m the Angel of Birds. I fell from the heavens, and everyday I hope that I could go back. But before I got my name, “Angel of Birds,” I was just an angel. But believe it or not I’m not the only one that has been saved, the birds also saved me. It all started when I was falling from my home. I never hit the ground, my friends the birds saved me. They helped me in many ways. They helped me turn my wings back to white. They helped me turn my dark into light. The birds helped me a lot every since they have helped me be good I got to go back to heaven. But I decided to stay with the birds as they helped me. So once again I am a angel but now I am a guardian angel. And that’s why they call “The Angel of Birds.”

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