Wooden By Autumn

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

tree eyeThe sun slowly sets between my long wooden fingers. I can barely move anymore and each day it becomes harder and harder to function. I was born like any other, with a family that cared. But I was sad and depressed all the time so I wished on a shooting star, not to die but to have all my problems be taken away from me. By some odd chance of fate, I started turning into a tree. The changes were not very noticeable at first, but over time my legs formed together to become a trunk and my arms branched out and grew above my head. My family decided to keep me outside where I could thrive in the sun and the fresh air. Most of the transformation was already over. My face was the only part of me not covered in the light brown bark of a willow tree. As I got closer to the final change, I realized that I would not miss my human days filled with heartbreak and sorrows. I would embrace my life as a tree. I could now feel the soft bark moving across my face and I took one last look at the dying sun as a smile became permanently etched upon my face.


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