Direction by Marc

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Direction by Marclight darkness

I’m stuck in the woods, or what feels like them. Complete darkness surrounds me as I stand from the floor of the environment. Cool, crisp air brushes past my ears and leaves shift and crackle beneath my feet, but I still only see darkness. I feel the need to move, but the question that holds me still is “Which direction do I go?”
            With no apparent destination in sight I sit still, waiting for my thoughts to provide an answer. My insight for once has no prediction, nor advice on what to do next, and even with the feel of nature around me I still feel alone. But wait, light. It shines past the trees and into my eyes, sparking hope. ‘Finally! A destination!’ I think as I move in the direction of the glow, but slowly it subsides and reappears in another location. On instinct I move in the direction of the light once again, my eagerness of finding a way out pushing my body past its limits. This continues as I become weaker and weaker, both physically and mentally.
            ‘Maybe I’m not destined for this.’ I begin to ponder, now looking to the darkness for an answer. I still only receive the light as a response, and seeing as how I only have the light as a destination; a set point, I follow it hoping I’ll find a point to its constant movement.

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