His Mind By Marissa

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Black HeadHis mind was full of stars, his brain was the crescent of the moon. He wasn’t like others, people that had half a brain, filled only with trash. Aiden had a calmness about him; the type of calm that most people admire. But when he spoke… god when he spoke, he spoke the universe.

His voice was soft and flowed gently out of his lips like the Milky Way. When he spoke it was like the whole world stopped. The earth took a break from spinning and orbiting, and just listened to Aiden’s sweet syrupy voice. It was like he had the whole world, the solar system, and the people in it, on puppet strings. With the slightest flick of the wrist he could manipulate them however he wanted. After all, he was the puppet master.

He was one of those people that you could stare at for hours, and never get bored. He was mesmerizing. His features were soft, smooth, and almost angelic. He had the moon in his eyes. Looking into them just for a second would have you hooked in a second with no escape from his trance. His eyes were his greatest feature, followed by his lips; the soft curve of the bottom, and the traced outline of the top. Perfect. He was perfect. Pure perfection.

But Aiden was a closed book. Actually, it was as if the pages didn’t even exist. Blank. No words to read. No way to understand. It was impossible to understand him, there was nothing to look at through his eyes. But he understood everyone else. Read them like an open book. It was like he could look into your eyes and see your soul. Peer into your own book and read carefully though the pages. There were no secret you hold hide within the pages, because he read between the lines. He saw right through the mask that we put on to hide our true identities, hide our emotions, our fears, our truth. But he never judged. Never spoke of the things he knew. He just knew.

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