The War with the Twinkies

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized


In the middle of a war a man is running away from the enemy. The enemy is ruthless and cunning but the army man runs and runs he trips over rocks branches and wrappers hides in fox holes trenches with empty boxes lying in there with the smell of dried marshmallows an rotten Twinkies some were probably some of his own Twinkies he had maybe some he ate and had a good memory of but he doesn’t have time to think of this right now the enemy followed his tracks and are gaining on him his heart is beating they get closer he starts to shake there 20 feet away now he notices a Twinkie gun loaded on the ground 10 feet away now he grabs it and starts shooting away the enemy he gets all that follow he sits there quite and still thinking of all that he got with no remorse it makes him sick but that’s the price of Twinkie war he’s sad and hungry so he grabs the Twinkie from his helmet and unwraps it with his muddy hands that have takes a bites it for the first time he it feels good it feels like freedom to relax and enjoy the little things in life.

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