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Girl in BlackBy Kquiyani She was beautiful elegant but was mean she looked down on everyone and her name was zhahara. She had everything. She loved to pick on less pretty girls one day. Vahra a little girl asked Zhahara what she saw when she looked in the mirror. Zhahara screamed and yelled fo r the guards to take the girl away. Zhahara ran in her room closed the door and grabbed a mirror. She was beautiful elegant and very amazing looking, but she was displeased with herself. Zhahara saw that she was very ugly inside. She touched the mirror and then her face. She began to run, threw the door open and ran, she found Vahra’s house she bang on the door and begged the girl to make her beautiful on the inside. The girl told her to go far away from Congo, Africa and find the girls grandmother and so Zhahara did. She found the girl’s grandmother and was very impolite to the elderly woman. The elderly lady began to speak, she said, “Grab a mirror.’’ Zhahara did. ‘’Now,’’ said the elderly. ‘’What you do or say on the out, affects your in take this to heart.’’ Zhahara looked in the mirror and cried, ‘’Go Zhahara,‘’ said the elderly lady. ‘’You know exactly what must be done .‘’ Zhahara leaped up and traveled at a steady pace back to Congo. She ran to Vahra’s house found Vahra and said, “I am jealous of you. ‘’ Vahra slowly replied, ‘’But why?‘’ “Because your beautiful inside and out.” Vahra hugged Zhahara and from then on they helped each other with beauties from inside and out.

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