Invisible Screaming

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Sarah

She’s blended in, almost invisible
They pass her by like time
No one knowing she’s incredible
She struggles with the signs
Hoping that one day they’ll see her
At night she comes out
Screaming at her torture
Eventually, she thinks, it’ll come and end her
It echoes back
Saying she belongs to it
Keeping her slave to the never-ending suspense
She wants to come out
Wanting someone to save her
But no one ever does
She wants to end
She then finds the other ones
The ones who are blended
She sees herself in them
And tries to save them
As she speaks to the invisible
She doesn’t seem to notice
Her master is slowly fading
She’s becoming like the others
It tries to come back
But its echoes are disappearing
Finding someone else
To tear their whole being

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