Convertible 6

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Trey

Car chained to poleHere I am chained to this pole; my whole life of fun is over. I’m the coolest car around here, I been to Pimp my ride, I have candy paint and all I’m the real deal. The teens love me I take them where they wanna go all they have to do is pay for the gas. They like to blast the music and let my trunk bang and turn on the hydraulics. I’m fly I know. Last night was crazy I was driving my homie Lil Skeeter to the mall and this other car beside me and tried to stunt on me. He asked if I wanted to race; fly as I am I couldn’t say no so I said it’s whatever. We went to an empty street and took off, I lost. My whole ego was messed up and so was Lil Skeeter, he told me don’t even bother taking him to the mall just take him home. I was cool with it but I had to stop by AutoZone for a drink. I took him home and just went to sleep. I woke up this morning and my rims were gone, they spray painted me and all that, so now I’m just ugly. But I mean I’m a be back soon because I’m a convertible 6 and I’m 2 real for this.

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