Rebuild By Javier

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

heart in progress“It took us a while to complete this. Huh, Ed?” Asks a man pulling rope while beads of sweat roll down his face.
“Yea Frank, It was hard to locate the pieces. We even had to create new ones since some of the others we either seriously damaged or lost or even completely destroyed.” Ed Replies.
“Yea….I’m so glad we were able to fix these ruins.”
“True that, we even had to scare off thieves who would try to take advantage of how the ruins were and make the damage even worse…I would hate to fix it up again.”
Frank pats Ed on the Shoulder.
“Well,…just be glad were almost done. Soon this place will be good as new. We even used more protective materials this time.”
Ed nods

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