The Lost Boy

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
By Jimmy
Backpack Boy in Water

Here I am lost in the world again, wondering if I will be free for a little while or free forever. This is a dark and lonely time for me. I lost my grandpa a week ago the most important thing to me. I would wish for him back, but don’t want him to suffer anymore. I would wish for my life to get back on track and be better forever so I hear about this magical river that if you wash your face you get one wish, so I pack my stuff and head out. I start walking and walking, until I can’t walk no more. I take a break and eat a snack. I take a nap, during my nap I have a dream that I made it to the river, and I remembered my mama has cancer, so I think to myself, should I make my wish for me to be happy or for my mama to be cancer-free and I awake and walk till I reach the magical river. I walk in the river, and I put my hands in it, then I raise my hands to my face and wash my face. I wish for my mama to be cancer-free because I can live unhappy, but I can’t live without my mama. She is the only thing I have left in the world. I love you mama.

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