Carnival Orphan

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

By Taylor

imageThe flyer stood out to me that one gloomy morning. The carnival seemed like a perfect escape. I set out to find my fantasy. Leaving behind everything, I was glad to get away from my mother. She thinks she knows what’s best. She thinks she knows it all. I know she is wrong.

Standing outside the carnival gates, I felt happy. Hopeful and determined, I marched through the gate, focused on making my life easier. I didn’t have any talents, nothing that made me unique from another. Because of that, I didn’t exactly fit in. Carnivals are supposed to be for misfits though, right?

I wanted to help others so that’s what I did. Fortuneteller became my new name. It was a breeze

at first, just looking into a foggy ball and saying something random. Sullen and depressed, I felt like I wasn’t helping anything. That was, until I met him. He was special, different.

Looking into his beautiful brown eyes, I fell in love. He asked me my name and I did the same. Zach, it was. He stayed at the carnival with me for a month. I knew I was the only reason he was there. Lying in his arms, I felt safe, secure.

I didn’t miss my mother. Zach took the pain of her away. The days counted away and July 31 edged closer. Little did I know that what I expected was not as bad as what actually happened. She found me. I no longer lived in paradise. My fantasy storybook was ripped as my mother once again tore my heart out. Heading home, she dragged me; I pleaded to stay.

The one thing I cared about more than anything else was taken away from me. He was my outlet and I love him.

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