The Queen And Her Bee

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

By Jordan

Bee Queen Fiary"Out! Out!" the queen yelled, "Get out!" The queen had yet to know what to do anymore. After all the souls had left her quarters, she took a long bubble bath. Taking care of the underworld, while her husband went around making havoc all over the world, was just too much at times.

The queen was a slight woman, extremely beautiful, I might add. She had long silver hair, and bright fiery red eyes. She had a pet, a rather odd pet for the Queen of the Underworld but she had a abnormally large bee as her pet. The bee was just as magnificent as the queen herself, I mean why not if your going to be magnificent, why not own the things that are the best of the best. The bee was silver and white with bright red eyes also.

“My beautiful pet what shall we do?” She asked the bee as it buzzed beside her, and as she pet it, enjoying her bubble bath at the same time.

“What?!?! Your going on a what?! A vacation? Alone? At least take some of the soul guards with you for protection!” Hades, the queen’s husband, exclaimed.

“No! I won’t have them following me around like a bunch of soul dogs trying to get my attention! I refuse! I am going to the other side of the underworld and I am going to stroll around in the dead flowers and gravestones as I please!” The queen knew that she had her husband now whenever she used that tone of voice there was no arguing with his dear wife.

She grinned.

“And I shall have my bee with me too.”

She strutted away grinning to herself leaving her husband with his mouth standing wide open.

She arrived at the graveyard later on that evening. She sighed and lay her things down on the soft grass.

“Oh the lovely dead,” she thought to herself. “There is nothing more peaceful is there?” she asked to her bee that buzzed gleefully in reply.

She danced around beautifully in her gown in the moonlight around the graves and tombstones and giggled and laughed the whole time! The bee rolled in the grass buzzing happily. The Queen of the Underworld summoned souls from the ground as young girls in gowns and young men in tuxes came up from their graves. She danced with everyone–male and female, having herself the time of her life. She twirled around and closed her eyes, imagining, oh what a life.

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