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Skull with handsI’m living inside of my husband’s head. The reason for this is because I wished for something I didn’t literally want to happen but it did. My wish was to know what goes on in that head of his. Now I’m trapped inside of it and can’t get out. I made this wish because there was distance between us the past year and I got so very tired of it. I finally found out the reason for the distance, my loving husband has cancer. He didn’t want me knowing this because he doesn’t have too much longer to live. He thinks I have disappeared but really I’m closer to him then I’ll ever be. He went to his doctor today and told him he was hearing my voice inside of his head and that he thinks he’s getting closer to dying because he feels like he’s going crazy. The doctor told him that hearing things that weren’t there like my voice could mean he is hallucinating and could possibly be losing his mind. I feel so terrible, my only way out is if he passes away. The depression that my husband is feeling could mean his death will be sooner than I thought. If I make it out of here that will be my last wish and my biggest regret.

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