Escape By Zack

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The-River-Cuts-Silver-Curves-Through-Dark-Pines-and-Fog-PostersMy names John Ortez, the adopted child of the wealthy owner of Syrax Corporation. Syrax Corps is the leading seller of over the counter medications in the world. I am 16 years old also, I’m one of the happiest children in the world, it seems. I have everything a normal kid could dream of, a mansion to live in, all the video games you could think of. But suddenly my father seemed to have some men come over often to talk to him, and as soon as he would shut the door, a worried expression would follow, and he would run to lock himself inside his study. One day they seemed to leave, but father didn’t follow to close the door… I was worried this time… father always see’s his guests out after a meeting… I went to approach his study door to find it wide open… but with no one there… I became worried and walked inside his study to find a note saying “Your Next”…

As soon as I read the note I dropped it and ran as fast as I could to my room. I ran through my room inside my closet and locked the door. I heard footsteps… Boots… heavy boots…the kind men wear at construction sites with the steel toe’s to stop injuries…I saw the shadow’s stop next to my king sized bed and rip my Egyptian cotton blanket’s off … They’re looking for me… They’re going to take me away… or possibly, worse…no… they won’t take me away… they’re the police… they’re here to help me. Yea that’s it. As I slowly unlocked the closet, the figure turned toward the door… My heart skipped a beat… the figure got closer…and closer until he was in front of the door…I wanted to faint… but no… I had to let instincts kick in…I shoved the door as hard as I could, knocking the man down onto his back running past him looking at him I realized who he was… the man in the suit…this made me run faster… through the house into the back yard and running full speed to the thick lush forest in the distance. I finally stopped near a small creek in this unknown area of the woods. I stopped for water… I can’t go on much longer I thought…Until the sound of howls and feet in the distance… this will never end I suppose… After several years of keeping secrets… this is what it’s come too… I knew what they had been fighting over. Me. I was the most important thing to these people… My powers. I came from an ancient civilization in Siberia. Where we lived along side Dragons. Yes, the ancient supposed “Monsters” But one raised me. My kind is referred to as Dragon slayers. We don’t really slay dragons; we just have the same traits and abilities. I just so happen to be raised by the dragon chief… Xander the Golden. A jack of all trades I suppose… the only dragon who mastered 2 elements… Fire and Ice… I also mastered both before a few soldier’s raided our clan and took away most of the children. I was 7 when that happened. 9 years later I’m being chased and look upon as prey to simple minded human’s with no knowledge of what I’m capable of.

As the dogs and people approached me, I started to laugh. There were 26 or 29 of them. Not too sure. But all I know is that it would be the end of this, because I am tired of running away from the fight. One man released a dog from it’s harness and as soon the canine took at step. I let it all loose. I froze everything. Inside a solid block of Black ice with a flick of my wrist. As I approached my house, I heard I helicopter… hovering over my home… Ropes poured out of the aircraft like diet soda when you put mints inside of it. This time it was hundreds of people… and I recognized them too… The same people who took me from my home land… In a rage, fierce flames began circling me like a wild tornado. Circling the men in armor, melting away they’re weapons. This was the start of the Dragon Slayer’s VS The humans.

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