Lost By Katherine

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Issue 136

The-River-Cuts-Silver-Curves-Through-Dark-Pines-and-Fog-PostersA long time ago in 1920, there a long side the coast of Mexico lived a family of five including two dog’s Dililah and a little puppy named Molly, a little girl named Arabella who was only 2, a little boy named Steven Jr., he was only 35 month’s old, a 12 year old named Krista, and then you have the parent’s Ms. and Mrs. Hartley. Every day they were discovering new thing’s, new place’s, and new suite’s. One day they saw a really neat place in San Diego.

When they told everyone that they were moving there, Krista didn’t like it there, so last night she ran off into the woods all alone, then she realized that she had everything she could ever have. Then she started to cry. Suddenly she remembered what her dad told her when she was 8 yrs old. “If you ever get lost, just look at the stars and they’ll guide you back home.” So she did and she found her house. When she got in all of the family cried tears of joy and she did too. Then she never ran off again.

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