Screaming Man By Rebekah

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
1357~The-Scream-c-1893-PostersThere once was a man
A man who was scared of everything
Almost anything could make him scream
He decided to take a walk in the park
In that park he saw two men
The two men he saw saw him too
This made him scream
But his cries only made things worse
The men began to creep closer
He quickly backed away
They eventually got closer
He went to back up
But fell with a thump
The two men picked him up
Helped him to his feet
With a soft look they said, 
“Why were you screaming?”
The screaming man went silent
He didn’t know he was yelling
  1. zachary carroll says:

    beautiful! i miss you all!