Hopeless Prayer By Preston

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Boy hiding eyesI’ve been here for almost three days now. Today’s my Family Session. I prayed all night long that I’ll get to go home today. I’ve noticed since I’ve been here I’ve changed a lot. I haven’t thought about hurting myself or anyone. I’m proud of myself, I’m doing so much better in many different ways, but I just have that gut feeling that I’m going to be here for a while………….I walked into the family session where I found my Mother, my Sister, and my Step-Dad. I began to tell the people how much I changed and how I changed, and how much better I’m beginning to feel. They asked me if I have thought about hurting myself in any kind of way, I reply “No.” They ask again, “Have you thought about hurting anyone else?” I reply “No.”

No one is worth sitting behind bars for life, or being buried 6 feet under. My Mother begins to talk to them about many different things. Finally I ask them, “When can I go home?” They pause for a moment…….. “You’ll have to stay until Sunday.”

At that moment I feel my eyes fill up with tears, I looked at my Mom and said I’ve changed I promise, she looks back at me and says, “I know son, you just need to stay here a little longer.” I dropped my head in disbelief, and then watched my family get up and exit the room.

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