Homesick By Thomas

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

HomesickOnce upon a time, there was this kid named TJ and all the places he went with family to live he always screwed it up and he had to go live with foster homes because he was dumb and messed up everything. I said I’m stupid and going to go to prison one of these days because I’m so stupid it fills like prison when I’m not around family because I messed up everything, and I’m so homesick. It feels like I’m going to die if I stay away from family any longer and I feel like crap because all I do is live in prison it seems like because I never know where I am going next.

All I know is that I am stupid and have too many anger issues. And I’m never going to live with my loved ones ever again just because I am dumb and stupid for messing up living with them just because I’m messed up for all the crap I have been through.

Because of all the abuse, and all the other dumb crap my parents have put me through, and all my parents drug and alcohol abuse they thought that I should go through the same stuff as they have. We would be raised away from family and that one of these days, I would be one of the dumbest children alive, and would be in a mental hospital again. I have messed up and I won’t be with family for most of my life.

If you were going through this stuff you would probably be upset too, and if you all do go through this just stay strong, and never try to commit suicide because you still have your whole life ahead of you. And you might be able to go home sometimes in your life but there’s no way in my dumb life I will get to go home. But you know what? I’m never going to lose my hope, because one of these days God is going to answer my prayers. I am running short of words but remember what I said in this story. Bye.

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