A Figment By Kelsey

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Butterfly FaceIn a world where there is no God, no fate, and only chance, there lives a butterfly.

The butterfly, with big glistening blue wings, is always soaring in and out through people’s lives. The butterfly shows no emotion with its face, because she doesn’t have one. She only has sparkling grey eyes, which see all.

In the peoples every day lives, the butterfly can be a blessing, a smile, a giggle, or love. A little girl in a field crying all alone, can be lifted and her spirit be able to become alive again, no longer sad. A teenager who has made many bad decisions can be forgiven. A girl who hasn’t been able to smile can have her lips turned upward once again as she once could.

All people love this butterfly. But, what people don’t realize is this butterfly is ever constant, a figment of imagination, a slow moving orb in the thoughts of each person, showing their true emotions.

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