Awake In Skies of Freedom By Ethan

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I stare in awe as shattered chains fall to the floor

I step through the door and see light

No more fight cause I realize it’s over

Instead of getting colder my heart starts to warm

I unclench my fists and open wide my arms

To opportunities now knockin

I think it’s time I clock in; gotta go to work

Didn’t come this far to be trapped back in the hurt

Don’t flirt with the lines and boundaries you’re now free from

Instead move forward like a round from a machine gun

If you run, run towards your destiny

I work to bring out the best in me

And if we work together, then work to bring out the best in we

Like peace times 3 let’s work to bring out the best of free

Let’s be the best we can like a new Grand AM

We used to be on the lam

But we found a home in peace and contentment

I let go of all the anger, rage, and resentment

We gots to represent man

All those who’ve been hurt

But chose to rise above instead of taking it to the dirt

You gotta put in work in order to get a paycheck

Homage and dues, homie you best to believe I paid that

Depression, anger, sorrow, yea I chose not to take that

The chains holding me down I chose recently to break that

This is my life and now I’m choosing to take it back

Been running form reality and now it’s time to face facts

The skies and stars are limitless my destiny I make that

Dressed in all black my problems I used to stack

The run hoping to God they wouldn’t catch me down the tracks, but they did

So instead of running I hid, but it found me

Used to confuse and confound me

But I’m no longer bound see

I let go of the past raised the sail on my black mast

Said, “At last” and set course for my future

Pick a target and shoot there

Finally I care enough to say I do care

A voice in my head and my chest wakes from its rest

To see the blessed day, then whispers to me and says

The cards on the table this is the hand you got dealed

Always be honest with yourself and make sure you keep it real

No matter how bad it hurts remember that you will heal

When you need me I’m here; always have and always will

  1. Belle says:

    Beautiful weaving of story & poem…creative !!