Rain, Rain, Go Away… By Emily

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

FloodUsually during a heavy storm it rains for a day. Maybe two, maybe three. But I never thought I’d experience the cold rain pouring down on me for 3 months straight. At first the rain was heavy and the clouds were dark; you know, typical stormy weather. I suppose that lasted for a whole week before the strangest part happened. The skies became clear. The vibrant sun started to shine bright again. Everyone thought the storm was over and we couldn’t have been more relieved. But then we noticed that the rain continued. Just a slight drizzle, but no matter how beautiful it was in our small town, the rain kept on. The rain remained for a couple more months. It drove newscasters crazy, as they gave promise after promise of a stop that seemed to never come. The rain flooded the ponds, flooded the streets, and went on to flood our houses. People were terrified, saying this was the end of the world. This never-ending rain has destroyed our homes and our stores. We’re quickly running out of food, and the boats we have to stay above water are limited. I’m scared. If the rain doesn’t cease, it’ll surely be the death of us…

  1. Belle says:

    very creative! this has the making of a book!