Trains By Meagan Z.

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve done it before, so why is it so hard this time? Is it because I know I won’t be coming back? Last time, I sat and watched as imageeach train sped by; watched as each chance for death passed. It didn’t faze me then, so why now? I keep walking. I can already see the train tracks, but they seem to be getting farther and farther away. The wind picks up as I walk, whipping about, pulling me each way but closer to the tracks. I look up just as a large bird swoops down in front of me. I’m afraid it will hit me, so I cover my face and stop walking. I can feel the wind again, but it somehow feels different. I uncover my face and open my eyes. The bird is beneath me, and even farther down is the earth. The bird is taking me even farther from the tracks! But, somehow, I don’t feel so bad. Not happy, but not bad, either. I bury my face into the bird’s feathers and give up. Let it take me wherever.

  1. Belle says:

    this is a story of hope! I thought it very intuitive & creative..I hope she does more!!!