Wisdom And Sapphire By Roddy

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002One day there came a tiger who was locked up in a cage. He was very lonely but one day another tiger came along to cage. They male tiger’s name was Wisdom and the female’s name was Sapphire. Wisdom was mesmerized by Sapphire’s beauty. He knew he fell for at love at first sight. Their love at first sight had spread quickly, but they hated where they was at. People starring at us in fright like we were crazy animals. But one day Sapphire fell hard for Wisdom and the same happened for Wisdom as well but then one day they tried to separate and it hurt them really bad and Wisdom was so emotional about leaving Sapphire. Even though Wisdom hated the cage he’d risk one last night with her, but it was too late Wisdom had to leave…Sapphire cried and so did Wisdom and they have parted from each other knowing they had broken hearts and shed tears…

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