Wild Horses BY Debbie Cakes

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002On a foggy cloudy night in mid October a black stallion named Henry was running wild through the woods. Henry was looking for a companion because he was tired of being alone all the time. Henry thought to himself "I’ll never find a companion out here in the dark foggy forest maybe I should just give up." About the time, he finished his thought he came up on an open field. Henry didn’t see any other horses out there, so he decided he would lie down and take a rest and look some more in a little while. As soon as Henry closed his eyes, he heard movement out in the field but he didn’t get up to see he thought it was an animal roaming around no chance of another horse. Henry heard it getting closer to him and when he opened eyes, he opened them to see a light brown and gold horse named Isabella. Isabella was looking for a companion as well because she was tired of being alone to. Isabella lay down beside him and after a few minutes, Henry and Isabella fell in love and never parted from each other after that night.

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