Why Did He Do It By Lil Bit

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002Day by day, a tear shed from his face. He knew it was over with because he knew he was wrong. He knew he was going to be found guilty for rape. He feel bad for it he knew it was wrong but the feeling was telling him something else. It’s been 20 long days. He’s crying for my forgiveness wishing he never had done it. He realizes he has not only hurt one person but he also hurt his soon to be girl friend jasmine. His lies toward her and turning her against me….now she not my friend no more…..the court date has came up I’m sitting in the court room the judge is looking at me and he turn his head to the door opening he walk in crying and hoping I forgive him but I just can’t I can’t take no more punches that people are putting on me it my time to shine they give him 20 to life he turns and looks at me one more time and tell me he sorry but yet I been raped to many times for this…….

Then I wake up to realize I was dreaming the whole time. I don’t have the guts in the world to report anybody for the way they treat me, so I suffer deep down inside maybe this will be that last time hopefully three is my lucky number.

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