Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002I am a tiger I weigh total a 900 pounds. My paws are the size of a computer screen. I have large razor sharp teeth. My name is Tirek. I am a vegetarian. My owner hates that I’m the only tiger who doesn’t like meat. He is a good master. He is just confused and doesn’t know how to handle the fact that I’m a vegetarian. He puts me in a cage with nothing in it except a bowl of water and a pile of pork. He thinks after so long I will become a carnivore. He is correct. The first time I tried it the taste just blew my mind. I ate so much that I up chucked it all out. After that, I somehow managed to realize what I was missing out on. So now, I’m a meat lover.

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