The Darkness By Crypt

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002I look into my reflection in the water dripping downward thinking about my life and how life drips downward and then i see my dark side looking back at me grinning so evil and to think i was once something like that and can turn back into that that thing that i see it cant be real it just cant how evil it looks how scary it is to think i could be that as i move closer i can feel myself changing the water pulsing and felling as it reaches out for me then the water turns into darkness and hatred and i try to resist it but the creatures gaze lures me in no as i splash as the darkness grabs me and pulls me in i resist but its gaze is just to powerful then as i sit in a room the floor is so cold and so quiet then i hear a voice i cant understand it at first but when i do it is the darkness saying your mine now………………………..

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