My Secret By Baby Dee

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002Hey, my name is Cody. My sister name is Jessica. My brother Cody is keeping my secret from mom and dad. My secret is that I had a boy come over. My brother found out because he came in my room to find Tevin and me sitting on my bed talking. He ran out. So I ran out after him to make sure that he didn’t go tell mom and dad because I dint want to get into trouble. So now, I’m talking to my brother about Tevin and me. I’m trying to let him know that we are nothing but friends. That way he may know what I’m talking about a little more. Because he just a little boy and he don’t really understand as much as I do. So now, I feel bad because he has to help me keep my secret from mom and dad. I know it’s wrong but I care to tell them because I don’t know what they my do. I don’t want my family looking at me like I’m bad person or something because I know I not. So know it’s the end of the week and I can’t do it any more so I told my mom and dad because I’m tired of keeping secret from my family so know they are mad at me for not tell them when it first happen. But mom told me that it would be ok. But I was grounded.

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