Mocha By Jaz

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002I am a kitten, and my name is Mocha. I had a great family. I am black, white, and gray. My best friend was a black mouse, and his name was Clown. His name was Clown because he was so funny. Nobody knew that he was in the house. He only came out at night when everyone was asleep. Well, one night the butler came in the living room, and he saw Clown and me playing and joking around. The butler killed him, and then he kicked and hit me. Well, this is the third year without him, and I still look back at time when I used to splash him with mud. I sometimes forgot and I didn’t wash my paws. I tracked mud through the mansion, and they thought it was an alley cat.

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