Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002Slowly I crept up the beach taking every step with care. I had been living for 150 years. I had seen many things in my time. When I was born I had crept down this very beach and into these waters, but back then the water was much cleaner, the sand much softer, the wind a bit more crisp. But now that I creep up the beach for my last time, the beach was scattered with beer bottles, vodka bottles, and paper. As I took each step I observed how the beach looks and remember how used to be when the water was clear, the sand soften with no bottle or paper anywhere near, and the air was crisp and fresh with no pollution mingling with the salt air. A single tear rolls down my face as I think of the past and how I wish it were clean and undisturbed. My muscles ache as I take each step and my breathing comes hard. Then I spot what I was looking for. It wasn’t much but it made me feel safe, it was a rock with a hollowed case like indention with sand that filled the whole. I crawled over to it and it looks me same. I finally quit working and I lie down to die at the same place where I was born.

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