Hershey By Jaz

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002I am a royal dog. I have been with the princess for 3 years. I am black, white, and brown. I have blue eyes. My name is Hersey Chocolate. The princess’s name is Sadie. Sadie and I love to go swimming, in the summer, in the lake behind the castle. The princess hates wearing dresses. She is a complete tomboy. She has blue eyes and light brown hair. We live in Texas. Sadie is very fun to be around, but I am her only friend. Everyone has always been mean to her because of her Indian heritage. She has always thought that she is ugly. She thinks her parents are over controlling. Her parents pick her friends, and she’s not allowed to go far from the castle. She is always alone, besides for me, and someone is always yelling at her. She is a lot like me. I guess Princess Sadie is the right owner for me.

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