Fates Tricks By S.

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002Swish Swash Swish Swash! The waves gently rock the gigantic black ship as I admired the moon from the crow’s nest. It was a full moon tonight. Sitting in the crow’s nest about a hundred feet in the air a star caught my eye as it fell through the sky and landed in the water. A ripple of waves bombarded the boat and shook the boat. As the first wave hit the boat, I lost my balance and nearly feel out of the crow’s nest. Luckily, I had been holding on to a piece of rope finally the waves faded and I thought to myself about the star that had fallen. It made me think how just as the star had fallen from the sky never to shine again we would all die and never see the people we love again. A tear slowly ran down my face as I thought that I had nearly fallen to my death but for some reason fate had chosen me to live instead. But why? Why am I so important that I should have the chance to live when at that moment I should’ve died?

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