A ButtHead’s Life By Tetez

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

clip_image002Hi my name is Butthead. You might know me from my show call Bevis and Butthead.

But that is my fake life. I live on a different planet called Butt Brain. It is 1,000 miles from Earth. Some people wonder how I get to Earth so fast. Well I can say my rocket goes 3 times faster than a regular rocket. I get paid good on earth because they need butt heads to laugh at our brain farts. Another question people ask is do I date Butthead women? No. I date women from earth. I just put on a hat. My world looks similar to earth.

Its like a cloned earth. With cloned people. It’s cool. I’m in this hot tub because I chose to be in it. It’s my hot tub at my home.

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