The Carnival Ride By Brittany

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Uncategorized


There once was a beautiful young girl named Sara, who lived with her mother and step-father in a beat up old trailer in the middle of nowhere. Her mother was a terrible alcoholic and so was here step father. When her mother would pass out from so much alcoholic intake, her step-father would yell and cuss at her and lock her in her room. Late one night after a huge fight she decided to runaway. She knew she wouldn’t get caught because her mom was Carnival-Posters unconscious and her step-father was to drunk to know. She quickly packed a few of her belongings and headed out. She walked for a very long time and then she hitch-hiked a little ways. She ended up in a little town just outside of Mississippi. She realized there was a large carnival going on so she decided to stop. She walked around a little while. While she was wondering around she met a wonderful young boy, with a heart of gold. She told him her story and he promised to make everything better. She fell in love with the boy very quickly. They lived happily ever after!!!!!!!!

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