My True Story By Kat

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

(Just to let you know, this story is true—Robert)

Woman drowning with life Perserver IT all started when momma died. She was my very best friend. The moment I heard the news that she had passed away, my heart dropped… I could feel it fall. Now, I’m locked in this room with my sorrows… with no escape or way to get away. “why?” you might ask. Because I’m normal.

I was at grandma’s when I heard the news, playing a game on my game-boy. “Kat—honey, someone’s on the phone for you.” “Be right there!”

I said hoping it would be my boyfriend Drew. I was so disappointed when I heard my aunt’s voice when I said “hello”.

“Hey Kat, what are you doing?” my aunt said in an unusual torn up voice. “what’s wrong?” I asked, concerned.

“Kat, your mom died.” I hung up the phone and started screaming in disbelief. I went crazy on my dad, who is no longer in the picture… he hated my mother, and I knew it.

Every-one gave me a hard time all I wanted to do was cry and figure out what to do about the situation. I eventually decided to run away from my problems.

I jumped in Drew’s truck and took off with plans of never looking back. We got away for a few days then were caught. My mother’s boy-friend caught me and brought me home. I’ve been locked in my room since the day I was caught.

My family thinks I’m crazy. I know I’m not. I’m just hurting. All I can do is scream and hope that I’ll wake up from this terrible nightmare. I feel trapped inside. Life is like I’m behind a brick-wall with no windows, no way to escape. My whole family thinks I want to hurt my-self or someone else. When the reality of everything is I’m only hurting.

Now I’m staring at these walls with no way to get away.

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