Feeling Froggy By: Kalyn

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Uncategorized


One day I was hopping through the forest looking for some flies to eat when my friend, Kayla hopped up to me in an awful hurry. She told me that she needed help and fast because the froggy police were after her. She needed somewhere to hideout for a while, so I told her to hop on my back and she could kick it at my lily padFrogs-Posters for a while. As we were on our way back, my friend, Joshua hopped up to me. He looked really bad, and he said that he hadn’t eaten or slept in a while. He said he needed a place to stay because his mom wouldn’t let him come home while he was like he was, so I told him to hop on my back. He could stay too. But first we had to go by his house to get some clothes and things. While we were there his sister wanted to know if her and her baby Hannah could come stay with me too. I couldn’t say no, so I told them to hop on. When we finally got back to my place, we all hopped onto my lily pad, and as soon as we did, it sunk. They all hopped back to their homes, leaving me with no home, no food, nothing. = (

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