Blue Star By Destinee

Posted: September 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Car chained to pole Hi my owner named me Blue Star cause I am his first car, my owner loved me so much he didn’t want anybody else to steal me away from him that’s why he chained me to this pole. when my owner would drive fast on a hot day I would have loved to thank him for not letting me get to hot, but one day he went on vacation with his parents and left me all alone outside chained to the pole and people were walking by and I guess he had broke up with his girlfriend while on vacation, the girl came by and had keyed me, broke my windows, and flated my tires. And after that happed my owner told me he didn’t have enough money to repair me, so he left me there for a long time and everybody started spraying words on me and they stole my flat tires. I was lonely until one day he sold me and they fixed me up and they loved me alot to that they chained me up to a pole, but that was only when we were at home cause his wife thinks its embarrassing to chain a car up to a pole in public.

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