Baddest Dog Ever By: ShauShau

Posted: September 3, 2009 in Uncategorized


Being the baddest dog ever isn’t all its cracked up to be. I hate being bad. I wasn’t always bad either. I use to be Dogpoundthe best dog, but when I was a puppy, my owner used me in dogfights. That’s when I became bad. Now every dog fears me. It’s so lonely. Every time I try to be friends with another dogs, they always run away. I stay in my cage all day now. The humans always picked puppies and cute dogs. One day this new dog came to the pound. They put him in the cage beside mine. He started talking to me and told me he was pretty bad himself. He stayed by my side the whole time.

Four days later, this human came and said that she wanted to take him home with her. The people at the pound said the only way she could take him home was if she took me too. The lady decided to take us both home that day. It was the best day ever. She named me, “Cookie” and named him “Spike.”

About a week or so later, the human came home with another dog. The human named her “Lady.” Spike, Lady, and I were never bad dogs again.

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