The Butterflies Dance By Toast

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Through the darkness of the night a single butterfly fluttered through the air in an acrobatic display of aerial perfection. The pure silver moon created a radiance on his wings that would be lost to any other creature.

His wings were a light but deep blue, with a perfect blend of black. He proceeded to rest on a rose of crimson to find that he was not alone. Another butterfly, whose wings were a soft color of orange with a perfect fade of black spotted with white. He was unable to contain himself when he saw her, he laughed to himself as he remembered the human expression, ‘butterflies in my stomach’. He began to dance his mating dance, which caught her attention.

clip_image002 As she saw his beautiful blue, black and yellow wings, she fluttered as her heart did. She immediately rushed to him as his dance was coming to an end. She rested upon his rose and danced in return to his call. The two immediately fell in love, they danced and they fluttered every night. One night however, the male went out on his own to think about the future he would provide for his love.

So deep in thought, he was unaware to the fact a human shadow had fell upon him. A net enclosed him, but by the time he noticed it was too late. He was stuffed inside a jar and placed into a room that looked to be the room of a young human girl. Fear set in as he saw the girl, her hair was a dirty blond, and her eyes were a deep hazel, this girl was without a doubt a complete monster. He looked out the window daily, longing for his love and hoping she was safe.

He was shocked to find a butterfly outside girl’s window one day, and found a quiet amusement in the frenzy which this butterfly seemed to have gotten itself. He was shocked to see it was his mate and pressed his abdomen against the glass of the jar. He was unaware that the human girl was watching this. She watched in absolute wonder the love between the two butterflies.

Unable to take it, she ran swiftly to her window and threw it open. Fear set in the two butterflies as they thought their lives were about to lose meaning. They were surprised when the girl picked up the jar and let the male free. The two immediately fluttered away to live happily ever after. Some eighty years down the road, the girl died and at her funeral the processions saw something they had never seen before. Two butterflies were on the casket throughout the whole eulogy.

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