My Angel By Lydia

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Couple with pregnant Teen in Camoflauge 

“Hey, baby,” I said as I looked down at my belly and patted it lightly. “How are you today? Mommy loves you.” She already had a name. Her name was MaKenzy. And from the first time I heard her heartbeat and saw her on the ultrasound, I thanked God she was mine. But we had a very short relationship…MaKenzy was never born…although, to me, it hurts as bad as if she was.

The morning my baby went to heaven was as normal as any other day. But suddenly I just knew things were not right. When I realized things may not be ok, I called my daughter’s daddy, and with tears in my eyes told him to hurry and get there.

He dropped to his knees crying and saying, “God, please don’t take this baby.” We went to the doctor. H e told us the awful news—yet somewhat expected news—she no longer had a heartbeat. My heart instantly broke as tears rolled down my face.

Some people say it’s a blessing while others say it’s a tragedy. But I know my angel is being taken care of by her grandma in heaven, and they are both doing fine.

Rest in Peace Baby MaKenzy

Mommy and Daddy’s angel

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