The Ancient Mask of Robert de Sable By David

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Uncategorized


clip_image002The man was being chased by the black car. He was running because he stole something. He stole an ancient mask from the Museum of Ancient Artifacts. That is why he is running from the manager and founder of the museum. As he ran, he came to a building. He was blocked by that in his path. All of a sudden the mask lit up and he was then off his feet somehow. He was then on the other side of the wall. He knew that this mask was no joke. He was real. He made it back to his small brick house, sat in his chair, and he slowly came to see the fireplace, and its smell of burning. Thy, it was nothing but a dream. So who knows if the Ancient Mask of Robert de Sable is real? No one may ever know.

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