Show Your Colors By Lydia

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Uncategorized


clip_image002I look at this picture, you know what I see? I see more than just four monkeys, I see myself. This may sound silly, but let me tell you why. Before I came to this hospital, my world was dark, just like the monkey on the bottom left corner. Then I thought about everything that was going on and what the problems really were. Like the monkey on the top left, my world started to get brighter so I could see the big picture. After that, I began to see that there are other ways to handle my problems other than hiding in the dark or running away. I felt like the monkey on the bottom right my world was getting brighter than it had been in a long time, but I wasn’t quite there. Now I feel like the monkey on the top right corner. I’m energetic, I’m laughing until I can’t breath, I’ve learned coping skills that I’m putting to use and my world is brighter than it’s been since my mom died. I finally feel back to normal. I feel like I can show my true colors.

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