The Dead Man by Joseph

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

There was a old man the age 61 he smoked for 31 years. Hes life was bad, he always had problems with people. When he was 17 he got in a fight and lost. He smoked a cigarette so he could calm down. Through out his teen age life he smoked because he was stressed. When he reached adult hood he was a good person with a good job and a great family. He made a lot of money and a lot of friends. At the age of 32 he got under a lot of stress because his wife left him for another man. He smoked 5 packs a day. His children told him to stop smoking but he didn’t listen. His kids told him that they were going to move with there mom because he wont stop smoking. He got under a lot more stress and smoked 7 packs a day. His kids told him that if he didn’t stop he was going to die but he didn’t care. Thrugh out the years he kept smoking and when he reached the age of 61 he died of lung cancer.

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