The Lion Pit by Joseph

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

The guards through me in to the lions pit for a crime I didn’t commit.

I begged to please not throw me in to my death. Before they through me they blamed me for murder and my punishment was death. when I fell in the pit nothing was there. I saw bones of of the people that has been in here before me. 5 min past and all I heard was my screaming for help but no one answered. After 10 minutes I heard a loud roar. I said to myself,”The lion!” I turned around and I saw a huge face with hair all over. I yelled and I yelled but no one answered. The lion roared to shut me up. The lion came towards me, I picked up a bone to smack it. The lion raised its paw and smacked the bone out of my hands. I starred into the eyes of death and he stared back. I knew I was going to die, bu then something happened that never happened before. The lion didn’t kill me, instead it came up to me and rubbed his head on my leg just like a house cat. I thought to myself, “What’s happening? I thought he was going to kill me.” The lion kept rubbing his head against my leg and it started to purr. I said to myself, “This lion is not going to kill me. He knew I was innocent instead I think he’s going to save me.” The next day, the guards came to check if I was dead. When they opened the top of the pit, the lion jumped out and killed the guards. He came back and got me and save me. I thanked the lion and I left. The lion went back to the wild to start a new life just like I did.

  1. slapvox says:

    Loved the story!!
    I’m glad you met the Lion!

  2. Joseph menjivar says:

    The story represents my past life and a good friend named jack helped me thru his hippi way