Snakes by Jonathan

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

Being handled is my worst pet peeve. Seeing people look at me like I don’t belong in this world is quite painful, also. I am used to these painful stares and very firm snake handlers by now though, but one day, I may just snap and let loose of this snake handling pressure I’m falling under. Maybe one day, one day soon, I’ll just show people the bad side that they have unleashed with their horrid comments and unbelievable yells …

I was in a dark room, in my normal, not so spacy glass cage. No voices to be heard, not yet at least. I was trying to guess what kind of torture I will be tested with this time, maybe just a normal cage display, I mean I guess people like to see a 15-foot long python eating a rat or two, but its basically just dinner for me. Maybe though, I will get to get a quick run in with the tamer, thats loads of fun. The worst part about being a circus snake, is the shockers they use against my will. Its so painful. I think I will rebel today though, maybe I’ll show them that they aren’t as strong as I, Charlie, the 15-foot, 90 pound reluctant python.

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