Fat Man by Andrea

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

It hurts. Everything. I can’t move, and no one looks at me the same. I don’t wear clothes, because none fit me. I just cover with one single blanket. My bed is bending under the enormous weight of my 700 pounds.

I don’t remember how I got to this point. I got lazy, I guess. I would walk past the mirror because I was embarrassed. I didn’t care anymore and it was showing. Not only in my personality, but the pale skin was growing over me worse everyday. I ate my problems away. No one liked me or cared for me.

Food was my addiction. An addiction that could never be fixed until it killed me. Here I am, dying. Slowly my heart beats, softer and softer.

My parents shunned me. I was no longer part of their family by 18, weighing a whopping 300 pounds. I continued my condition of eating, but the problems never went away it seemed.

Sometimes, I would be full and continue to eat more than I could handle. My body was disgusting. I smelled and my breathing was harsh. Usually, I would be too lazy to even get up to use the bathroom, so I relieved myself on the couch.

While watching an episode of Dr. Phil one day, I realized that I was going to die. Soon, it seemed like. It was an episode about overweight people like me. They could not even make it to the show because the didn’t fit anywhere. Then they announced that they would be dying soon, although I couldn’t understand them clearly, Dr. Phil translated.

The tears fell down the rolls across my faced and into the creases of my neck. It was time to take action, but how?

Lying my bed, weighing around 700 pounds with many machines hooked up to me, I picked up the phone.

My fingers clicked wrong buttons many times, before I stopped and took a pen and pressed the numbers. I dialed the number that flashed across the screen as Dr. Phil went off.

It rang and a lady answered,”Yes, may I help you?”

I hesitated, but went on,”I need help. Is there anything that can save me from myself? I weigh 700 pounds and I think I’m going to die soon.”

She replied in a sweet voice,”Yes sir, that is exactly what we are here for. We need some information and I can have them pick you up in about a week.”

We exchanged information, as the tears rolled down my face one last time.

They picked me up in about a week like they said. I got many surgeries done to me, and in about a year or two they had me fixed down to at least 200 pounds.

Dr. Phil saved my life!

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