False Happiness by Carlie

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

I hide behind a wall. Doing things like reading keeps me from showing my feelings. I don’t like to expose my true emotions. The story of my life is short, but true. My father and I live in a small house all by ourselves. With our slight problems of money every now and again, and our constant fighting (which to you may just sound like a typical teenage girl and her father, but it isn’t.)

He works twelve hour shifts while I word hard at school. I come home, cook a very nice dinner for him. He eats, and leaves me to clean up. He showers, puts on his strongly, odored, cologne, and say to me “I’m going to the bar, Ill be home in thirty minutes”

……5 hours later……

Its one o’ clock in the morning on a school night and here I wait. Worried, angry, upset, but most of all hurt. It seems like everything good i do is never enough to get a “thanks you” or “ill do the dishes tonight” or hell maybe even “Yes sweetie I’ll saty home tonight and watch a movie with you…”

Not once have i heard and I dont think i ever will. You would think with you money problems he wouldn’t go out everynight to drink and achieve a false happieness that only lasts a couple of hours. What can you do though? I’m sixteen years old trying to make my daddy notice me for once, and i get stepped on like the carpet at the entrance of Wal-Mart.

He comes home. I sit on the couch in the living room waiting for him to say something. He stumbles by, goes into his room, turns the light out, and goes to sleep. What do i do? I, myself, go into my room, and read a book.

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