Stranded in Skin and Bones now on sale

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

I work as a psych tech, which means I get all of the dirty work. If the psych patients puke, I clean it up. If they wander into the wrong room, I retrieve them. I take them to the nameplate outside their door and say, “This is your room. See. This is your name.” I take them out to smoke. I show them the location of the lighter on the wall of the smoking porch. I demonstrate how to use it. No lighters allowed. They may burn the place down. I’m their guide through Lala Land. I’m their shepherd in fields of madness, even though I was once a lot like them—paranoid and eccentric.

Book 1 of Robert’s memoir, Stranded in Skin and Bones: A Memoir of Faith and Madness, is on sale. Each hand-bound copy is $6, with all proceeds going to the 360 West Project.

Stranded In Skin and Bones is about three subjects—the author’s life, his father’s life, and the lives of patients in a short-term psych hospital. It gives readers a rare look behind the locked doors of a psych hospital, and the more Stofel opens the inner life of the hospital for the reader, the closer he comes to his insanity.

To order, contact with your name and address.

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